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October 9, 2009

Wild Horses 10/09/09

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Wild, Wild Horses?

What are you fighting for?

I’m an old lady. I’ve seen a lot in my years. So much appears to change; yet nothing really does. Patterns repeat and humans seem to learn nothing. I’m an old lady, too much time on my hands these days. So I read a lot while my eyes still work. I’ve loved horses all my life. So I’ve been watching… Wild horses.

They represented so much to me as a kid. Although I have never seen a herd run through the American west, their existence has been a symbol of courage and identity for me my entire life. The idea that they existed and endured hardship, yet continued to fight, has given me hope when times were hard. Hope that as the wild horses adapted and endured so would I.

My granddad told me to always look at the shit in your own backyard first. It will pile up and cause disease faster than any crap your opposition piles on the other side of the fence.

The other phrase my grandpa used was “if you want to find a snake, follow the money.” I’m an old lady and I don’t like to waste time.

My advice to you advocates is:

Stop telling each other to read each other’s books to get information. I heard someone asked one of “you” for information and was told to read a book. The book had pretty pictures and poetic monologue.

Kiss my old ass.

Go pick yourself up a copy of Sun Tzu’s “Art of War,” you’re going to need it.

Next stop “playing nice.”

I saw recent posts that talk about a federal charge leveled against the guy that does the round-ups. What’s the date on that charge? It took you that long to start questioning his contract? Why?

I heard you all complain about the drugs being given to the wild horses for fertility control. Not one of you talked about who controlled the drug. Because it was your glorious HSUS you kept your mouths shut. I saw today HSUS has betrayed you all.

And even I have heard “rumor” about another of your groups that was almost absent from recent battles. I can’t remember where I heard it, I’m an old lady, but AWI was pretty quiet. I heard they lost funding and are now HSUS.

Now follow the money and you will find your snakes.

Look to see who helps HSUS and gets funding from them.

Look to see how they are going to benefit from the horsie zoos HSUS is going to help create. Breeding stock will be needed and money can be made. Who has that potential? They will betray you, and probably already have.

Look at who in the past has suffered in your group from the slander from those supported by HSUS. Ask them why.

Look at anyone that gets any government funding. Look at them closely and pay special attention to those they attack. Those attacked hold keys. Most likely it will have to do with statistical evidence that has been buried about the safety of those drugs, I think there was something I read about a scandal in Nevada. (Just a guess, I’m an old lady.)

Next take a look at the next wave you guys are going to face. It will come from within your group.

Take a good look at the top of your “food-chain.” Follow the money and you will find it.

Someone stands to benefit greatly from the 92 million dollars the BLM is going to pay for land. Find the lease owners… and you will trace it to your biggest internal threat. Your biggest internal threat will carry the potential to destroy wild horses in the wild… and will do it with ease because they will be in a position to gain the ear of the easily deceived.

Trace the next threat to the resource the horses need most, water. Who wants it? Why? I’ll bet you trace that to the same internal threat that has interest in the land purchase by BLM.

Last, stop looking at the BLM. BLM is one arm… what does it connect to? There you will find the answer.

The greatest way to defeat an enemy is from within. While you create a playing field no one can see clearly and create small battles that use up the enemies resources.

You guys that are fighting for horses left truly wild, in the places they helped shape history, are almost out of time.

And at my age I see an extraordinary piece of irony taking shape.

I remember Velma’s fight.

I see in my old mind a brochure on a dusty desk in Nevada.

It says: Welcome to Nevada. Where the last wild horses of the west live. Wild Horse Annie’s horses… the only horses she couldn’t get federal protection for… and it saved their lives.

I need a nap.

But I’ll be back later to let you know if my weary eyes find names.


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